Butler Hospital
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December, 2006
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What are the benefits you have realized from EHR Adoption?
Improved quality and legibility of records, ease of access of records leading to more efficient and safer care, increase in ability to generate revenue (ability to code more effectively and justify level of care provided), savings of $65,000 per year in transcription reports, ability to design reports to assess quality.
What advice would you offer a physician planning to adopt an EHR?
Assign a core team that meets regularly to focus on EHR adoption and design, plan regular and repetitive communication with the staff, design the system around the office and physician workflow, require end-users to attend formal training on the system, invest the resources in training, recognize that full functionality will take several years to acheive and that not all needs will be met up front, and keep in mind that you are creating a database, not a word document.
What financial strategies did you use to pay for your EHR?
Hospital project - funded by hospital.